DSP Capacity

Discussion created by fdelgado5 on Jan 5, 2011
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Dear Team:

I plan to have a 2811 with


I also plan to have 2 G711 conferencing resources.

Now when I go to the DSP calculator it tells me I need a PVDM2-48.  Ok how is this calculated?

Please keep in the mind that the dsp tool allows me to increase all the way up to 8 G711 conf before requesting the pvdm2-64.

My guess, pvdm2-48 = 16 x 16 x 16

16 for = 4fx0 & 4fxs, spare 8

16 + 16 = 32 for = 1mft-t1/e1 = spare 8

It was my understanding that these additional resources could not be used for conferencing?

I then tested to see what would happen if I increased by adding another  4 port analog card and then it requested a PVDM2-64.

I would have thought it would have cut my conf resources in half but instead just by adding 1 more it still requests a PVDM-64.