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CUPC Memory Utilization Issues

Question asked by paulblakie on Dec 30, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by m.vandevere


Currently I have a customer using CUPC 8.0 client latest release ( experiencing high memory utilization.  I have seen this now at 2 different clients so my understanding is that this is fairly common.  TAC’s standpoint is the high memory utilization is normal and the only work around is disable “click to dial”, which doesn’t reduce the memory utilization by much.


This issue doesn’t affect me as much since I have a Windows 7 laptop with 4 GB of ram but this also doesn’t mean much since most customers are still using XP with max of 2 GB ram.  The CUPC client has two processes, cucsf.exe and cupc.exe.  These two processes can take up to 600mb of memory but typically use around 200mb. Whether it is 200mb or 600mb this is a lot of memory and seems like a poorly written application.


Has this been an issue with customers? Are they noticing? Does anyone know when the next client release will be out and will they address this issue?