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Cisco Communications Manager to Avaya IR

Question asked by dwier on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2010 by dakeller

I am doing a project for a client where we must send calls from the Cisco UCM and UCCx to an Avaya IR for IVR functions then accept calls back.


From what I can gather, the IRS is running version 3.0 and is connected to the Avaya via 2 T1s.   We will be interfacing this with an ISR2951 and I have it configured for T1 CAS E&M.


The calls send out then the IRS drops the call imediatly.  The big issue is I am not sure what the IRS is actually looking for to answer the call.  It only has one IVR script on it anyway.


Anyone seen information on this type of setup or have any information that is relevant?



Daniel Wier