Trouble with UConn 8.5 Unified Messaging

Discussion created by daschulz on Dec 6, 2010
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I was wondering if anyone had issues with the single inbox (unified messaging) configuration in UC 8.5.  I am getting the service setup and verified. However, the user configuration comes up with two issues.....


1.  I receive a message on the user test that says there was a failure accessing the users and the details state: Protocol=[WebDAV] HRESULT=[0x80004005] Diagnostic=[(WebDAV) mbxclient.FolderExists->fail]


2. The last message states:The system failed to perform a typical calendar operation.Refer to other warnings and errors generated by the tool, and check the Tomcat log file for details.The system failed while trying to make an API call.


All other operations appear to pass correctly. Exchange is operational and email is working with the user. However, the email address on the user configuration page displays the following message: "Email Address contains invalid characters"   However, the email is in the following format for my test lab: user@uc.local   Not sure why this would be invalid.


all exchange 2003 and Unity Connection 8.5 tasks were completed according to the documentation.  This sounds like there possibly may be a bug here?


Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.  Thanks!