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Help to locate the Call Manager 8.0 installer

Question asked by radhakrishnavangara on Nov 17, 2010
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I am following the below steps in installing cisco call mnager 8.0.



Step 1 In vSphere Client, edit the VM to force entry into BIOS setup the next time the VM reboots.

Step 2 Make the Cisco Unified Communications Manager installation media available to the VM DVD-ROM drive.

Step 3 Power on the VM, then in BIOS setup, promote CD ROM to boot before the hard drive.

Step 4 Complete booting the VM.



I the above mentioned step 2, I am confused with  "Cisco Unified Communication Manager Installation Media" word, as I have located more list of the applications from  the cisco site. Please help me in locating the correct option to be considerd as Cisco Call manager Installation media.


Intercompany Media Software
Unified Communications Manager / Cisco Unity Connection Time Zone Updates
Unified Communications Manager / Cisco Unity Connection Updates
Unified Communications Manager Recovery Software
Unified Communications Manager Virtual Machine Templates
Unified Communications Manager/CallManager Device Packages
Unified Communications Manager/CallManager Locale Installer
Voice Log Translator (VLT) Software

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