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CUCM 8.0 firmware upgrades for old phones

Question asked by peterson.m on Nov 4, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2010 by dakeller

We're upgrading a CM 4.1.3 system to 8.0(3a) on new servers using DMA and 7.1.3 as a "stepping stone".  The 4.1.3 system has the following:


7920 version CMTERM_7920.4.0-03-01

7921 version 1.2.1

7936 version 3.3.12

7940/60 version P00308000400 (8.0.4)

7941/61 version 8.2.1

7970 version 8.2.1

ATA 186 version ATA030203SCCP051201A


I read that the 7940/60's can't go directly from 8.0.4 to the new default firmware of 8.1.2 and will need to go to 8.1.1 first.  What about the other devices and versions?  Can they upgrade directly to the defaults on a CUCM 8.0 or will I need to install cop.sgn files for lower versions?