Unaswered questions using CUDAC ver 8.0.3

Discussion created by khanm1977 on Oct 25, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2012 by Jack-piao

Hi this is mohammed and i'm reaching to you as I've implemented the  new  CUDAC ver 8.0.3 with call manager ver 8.0, have few questions and   looking for some answers, appreciate your help in this regard:

- Blind Transfer doesn't work when transfered the call connects and disconnects, where as Consult transfer works.

- Previously operators were able to send the call directly to the users mail box, but where is this option in CUDAC

- Difference between Internal and External Directory, i've LDAP integrated and see both showing the same user details.

- Also in Directory Filtering I've wildcard * , but how can this limit   to the number of user basis with department wise, i find theres no   control.

- I could only see the options to answer the  calls and hol, park call  when I right click on the call, otherwise  there's no other place to view  it.