Migration users from 4.x to 8.0 (3&3 Promotion)

Discussion created by jefersoncosta.brz on Oct 1, 2010
Latest reply on May 5, 2011 by Srinivasan Kilambi

Guys, I just want to make sure that I´m doing the right thing here, I have a client that needs to upgrade their voip network this is what they have:


PN: MCS-7825-H1-IPC1

·         OS Image: 2000.4.1

·         OS Upgrade: 2000.4.4a

·         System Version: 4.2(3)sr4b

·         Administration Verion: 4.2(2)

·         Instalation ID: CCM4.2(3)sr4b


AnAnd I´m getting the: MCS7816I4-K9-CMD1 with the CM8.


Nonow, my question is, the reason I´m doing this, it is because I´m adding more users on the network. So, I´m buying License for the new phone (PN: LIC-CUCM-USR), now what about the phones that is already there? What is the part number that I need to get to upgrade my eisting phones that the license is 4.x to 8..x?


SoSome one can help me on this?