Unity Connection Nortel Option 81C QSIG Integration

Discussion created by jamesperez on Sep 28, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by danjorda

We have integrated a Unity Connection to our Nortel Option 81C.  Our Option 81C is networked to other Nortel 11C sites.  When a caller gets to the Unity and presses a single digit option, the caller is sent to that extension but after a ring no answer condition the caller is sent to the originally called extension, not the last called party.


The display at the remote end shows XXXXXXXXXX ( Caller I.D. of originating caller)


XXXX the VM Box from the Unity Mailbox the caller got transferred from and


"N   "



If I do the transfer under a supervised condition:


The display at the remote ends shows  Unity VMS  (Telephony Integration>Port Group>Advanced>Remote-Party-ID)


5099  ( Pilot Number)


Under this condition the call is routed to the mailbox of the last rung exstension.


Also, under this condition, the calling party, after pressing the appropriate digit for transfer hears no ring-back tone.


Please advise.