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CUCM v8 on UCS - Additional node licenses?

Question asked by cmcglamry on Sep 27, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2011 by afreijemu

We are doing a customer upgrade and rehost from CUCM v6 to CUCM v8 on UCS.  As part of the upgrade, we need to add two additional CUCM subscriber servers into the mix.


We are attemtping to figure out HOW we need to do this.  I've been told that we need to convert the existing licensing to UCL and then the node licenses are free.  However, customer already has PLENTY of extra DLU's on the system, and has purchased UCSS.  They aren't really going to go for buying more when they aren't using what they have.


I'm completely unclear what the options are here.  Do they have to convert to UCS?  If so WHAT is the path to do this?  I've gotten so much information (and I believe most of it is just plain wrong), that I'm unsure what needs to happen.  I'm getting buried in documents folks are referring me to that really don't apply.


What ARE the options, and where are the guidelines to get there for this specific problem (need 2 additional node licenses for the CUCM v8 cluster)?