Interoperability between CME and Avaya IP office 500

Discussion created by shanee420 on Aug 26, 2010



My customer has an Avaya IPT environment based on Avaya IP Office 500 which has reached its limit. He has got a spare CME router that he would like to use for adding more users by integrating it with Avaya IP Office 500. The cisco Interoperability portal doesnt not have Avaya IP 500, although it seems that IP 500 supports SIP and H.323.


I am wondering what would be the implications of this integration. Would it work or not? and should I specify CUBE licenses for SIP integration or would H.323 should be ok for this integration?



My customer plans to deploy an Avaya IP 500 on a remote site as well and wants to know how this would be connected to the the main site (the above) with a mix of CME and IP office 500.



Any help would be much appreciated