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Tandberg SIP endpoint --VCS >>sip trunk<<CUCM 7.0--Sccp endpoint

Question asked by inner_silence on Aug 22, 2010

Hi experts,


I am trying to build this topology:


Tandberg SIP Endpoint---Tandberg VCS >>sip trunk<< CUCM 7.0 --SCCP 7970G with VT Advantage / SCCP 7985G endpoints.


I am able to call from Cisco to Tandberg endpoint however no video at either side. When I press "?" twice on 7985G I see video protocol off although I've not pressed the Video Mute button on that phone. Same status when calling from 7970G (with VT Advantage). I've G.711 codec, b/w set to 1024KB. Any ideas is this workable topology or I am missing something?


Individually both the system deliver video i.e. calling Cisco phone to Cisco or Tandberg endpoint to tandberg endpoint successfull video on both sides.


I researched but failed to find any doc mentiong SIP to SCCP video endpoint calling each other. Any expert comments?