cucm 7.1 sip trunk trunking to service Provider Sonus GSX/NBS

Discussion created by anupam.tyagi on Aug 20, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2010 by dakeller

I am having CCM Cluster with 6 CCM - 1 Publisher and 5 Subscribers. i will taking the pstn service  from the service provider . I will be connecting to the pstn network through the  ip network softswitch - Sonus Platform . The connectivity between Sonus pltaform will be on GSX/NBS -There will sip trunking between NBS and CUCM .For the communication between the Sonus and CCM Clusters . There is a requirement of 10 SIP Trunks between CCM and Sonus Box .

Few Questions:


1. From CCM Prespective Can i create 10 sip trunks with same destination ip address - NBS


2. From the Sonus prespective trunking it require 10 distinct ip address of IPPBX ,As i have 5 Subscriber as Call-Processing unity , how i can create 10 trunks to the CCM Side