CUCM Logical Partitioning (LP)

Discussion created by sakhter on Jul 31, 2010

Like many other new features in CUCM, LP (logical Partitioning) is another very useful addition introduced in 7.1 version.


The Logical Partitioning is a capability of a telephony system to control calls and features on the basis of specific allowed or forbidden configurations. A common telephony system can provide access to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) networks, and configuration can control access.


On Cisco Unified Communications Manager it specifies a call control feature that provides functionality so that communication between the following pairs of VoIP entities can be controlled:
1. A VoIP phone and a VoIP gateway
2. A VoIP gateway and another VoIP gateway
3. An intercluster trunk and a VoIP phone
4. An intercluster trunk and a VoIP gateway


LP was originally introduced to address Indian Telecom Regulations (TRAI*) where PSTN telephony Network in India must never be interconnected with VoIP Telephony network for the purpose of Toll ByPass. However, besides India, similar regulation restrictions on Internet Telephony exists in few other countries having scope for potential Cisco Customers.


Supported feature interaction with LP are:


Call forwarding
Adhoc Conference, Join, JAL
MeetMe Conference
Call Pickup
Directed Call Park
Extension Mobility
Mobile Connect
Shared line, Barge, CBarge, Remote Resume
Redirection (3xx)
All features doing Join (SsJoinReq primitive) or Redirects (SsRedirectCallReq primitive)


So, now when you see "Geolocation Configuration",  "Geolocation filter" options under CUCM Admin --> System and "Logical Partition Policy Configuration" option under CUCM Admin --> Call Routing menus, don't get surprised -