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CUE 8.x - Adding Additional Mailboxes

Question asked by michael.lorincz on Jul 30, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2012 by Srinivasan Kilambi

Hi Team,

I sold a customer a 2901 w/ the ISM running CUE 8. At the time we ordered it with 2 x FL-CUE-MBX-5. The customer came back after the deployment asking for an additional 5 voicemail boxes. I quoted them the L-FL-CUE-MBX-5= per the ordering guide. The customer claims to be having problems getting the PAK registered. Cisco TAC told them we ordered the wrong mailbox addon part (L-FL-CUE-MBX-5=). I called Cisco pre-sales support and they confirmed we ordered the right part. How about a straight answer?


I emailed and provided the PAK #, the responded w/ the .lic file which apprently will still not load.


Question #1) Are license files cumulative meaning we originally had 10 mailboxes, then we purchased 5 more so the license file sent would cover 15 voicemail boxes? Or do license files get added up in CUE?


Question #2) Are there any install guides the walk through the license registration process?


Any help would be appreciated.


- Mike