TechWiseTV: Business Video episode airs this week!

Discussion created by tshakour on Jul 12, 2010
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Are you ready for video in your enterprise? Sure, you've probably got the network all set up - beefed up your QoS and uplinks to the core switching. You've added bandwidth at the edge and blocked Youtube.com so corporate videos don't escape out onto the network.



But what about making GOOD business videos? What about getting content to all the right places at the right bandwidth and without manually configuring each and every component. Have you ever wondered how we do it at TechWiseTV?


Join us for a really fun and informative episode this Thursday. We are going to be talking about Cisco Pulse, Show and Share, the Media Experience Engine (MXE) and Cisco Prosumer line and how they make business video life easier. In addition, we share with you some expert tips on how to make business video GOOD video.

Register now!http://www.cisco.com/offer/business_video/193760_26The live show will have Q&A by our experts. The VoD will be available the following day.