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Access-Point names not showing up on Aironet Site Survey tool?

Question asked by ma_pmchenry on Jun 21, 2010

We have two 4402 controllers at our main site and several others at our remote sites. The APs at our main site are getting their DHCP address info from our 6509.

At our remote sites, the APs are getting their DHCP addressing from a DHCP server at our main site with a helper on the remote LAN interface. At our main site, when I walk around with my Aironet Site Survey tool, I can see the name of the AP. When I am at the remote site and walk around I only get the AP mac-address. On the 6509 at our main site the dhcp config is:


ip dhcp pool WLANMGNT


  default router




Not exactly sure what the configuration of the DHCP server that is servicing the remote APs but, it is the same DHCP server that is servicing the wired and wireless clients at the remote sites and their names are resolving. Any suggestions? If needed, I'll consult with the sysadmin that set up the DHCP server that is servicing the remote sites.