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Migration from CUCMBE 6.1 to CUCM 7.1 & Unity Connection 7.1

Question asked by veeramaniarumugam on Jun 20, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2011 by aragunat



we are plannig to upgrade our existing CUCMBE 6.1 to Call Manager Cluster CUCM 7.1 & unity Connection 7.1.


call Manager cluster with 2 as publsiher/backup subscriber in MCS-7845 & 1 deticated Subscriber in MCS-7845.


One server for untiy connetion 7.1 in a MCS-7845 server and other server for Unity Presence.


In cisco website i can find out the upgradation path for CUCMBE 6.1 to CUCMBE 7.1 etc , but no where cannot find a document for migration CUCMBE server to a Call Manager cluster.


Could any one can guide me, how can I do the upgrade from CUCMBE(CUCM 6.1 & Unity Connection 2.1 on a single server) to CUCM 7.1 in one server & unity connection in another server.



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