Digital Media Manager-MCS issue

Discussion created by rono711 on Jun 17, 2010
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Hi There,

I am writing in regard to set up first time my mcs 7835-H2 MCS. I connected one computer ( with MCS ( Both pinging each other. In the MCS, dns resolvable host name is with DNS server IP As per instructions I enabled the POPup blocker and while trying to connect both via or I see no page found error message. However if I try or I see a blank page with no error messsgae. I tried nslookup under network tools in AAI. I found if is the IP for the DNS Server it doesn't reach to the DNS server. My question is where the web and DNS server located. Shou;dn't it be in the MCS itself?

Since I can't see the MCS web GUI, I can't go further to activate the license. Would you able to help me in this regard. Thanks in advance.



Mohammad Hassan


N.B. I have attched the quick start guide for the DMM appliance.