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Unity Connections Group Voicemail Configuration

Question asked by jeffrey-young on May 24, 2010
Latest reply on May 24, 2010 by danjorda

I have two hunt groups which I need to end up in the same mailbox.  Unity 7.x, CUCMBE 7.x environment.


Current configuration is:


Hunt Pilot 2014 is assigned to the user in AD, and is the mail box in Unity Cxn.  Hunt Pilot 1412 is not in AD.  I have 1412 configured as a DN on a Route Point, and 1412 is an alternate extension to 2014 in Unity.  1412 is set to forward no answer to 7000 (voicemail pilot).


Now the weird thing......the 1412 pilot when dialed in the AA is forwarding to the 2014 hunt and in turn ringing that line appearance on the users phone....which does not work because the two hunt groups serve two separate purposes.  When an internal user dials 1412 the correct line rings on the user's phone.


Any ideas??