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Cisco 7962 Phone losing Softkeys after answering a call

Question asked by on May 17, 2010
Latest reply on May 17, 2010 by rrtandon

Hi All,


Just wondering if anyone has come across the following issue:


  • Call comes in and is answered by either one of the (4) receptionist phones
  • Receptionist looks at the phone ready to transfer a call
  • Screen show no transfer key although the template has one assigned
  • Symptom does not show up on internal calls only external calls


Incoming Call Routing:


  • Calls are directed to a DN that is overlayed by all 4 reception phones
  • If first DN is busy then calls fall over to the subsequent DN's which are all overlayed
  • All DN's are setup as Dual-Line



Ephone template:


ephone-template  1
conference drop-mode local
conference add-mode creator
conference admin
softkeys hold  Join Newcall Resume Select
softkeys idle  Redial Gpickup Cfwdall Dnd Pickup ConfList Join RmLstC
softkeys seized  Redial Gpickup Cfwdall Endcall Callback Meetme
softkeys alerting  Callback Endcall
softkeys connected  Hold Endcall Trnsfer Confrn ConfList RmLstC Join Select
softkeys ringing  Answer Dnd HLog


There are two phone types:


  • 7962 type phones with 1X 7915-24 add-ons
  • 6921 type phones


The same template is used for both phone types, is this a problem? Should i be using different templates for each phone time?



Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.