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Unity Server co-location with Exchange server

Question asked by ysloh on May 10, 2010
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With reference to the Unity Design guide, under the "Physical Placement and Network Infrastructure" section it is stated that the Unity needs to be placed in the same data centre as :


”Every Exchange server on which mailboxes for that Cisco Unity server are homed. If Cisco Unity is separated by a WAN from an Exchange server on which subscriber mailboxes are homed, a second Cisco Unity server must be co-located with the remote Exchange server."



Would like to understand, if a additional Unity server is required (in the remote office) in the following scenario.


- Unity (UM) and Partner Exchange servers are located in the same data centre (HQ)

- Group A of users have their message store in the partner Exchange server (in HQ).

- Group B of users have their message store setup in another Exchange server in a remote office.