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May I use a CUBE solution to control an mixed enviroment (IP PBXs and TDM PBXs) ?

Question asked by on May 4, 2010
Latest reply on May 5, 2010 by dsladden

I have an enviroment with one Call Manager (4.1), one CUCM (7.0) and 80 PBX´s TDM Siemens (SIP trunk available) geografically distributed in the country, and I need to implement an efective LCR (low cost router) in this enviroment. The CUBE solution was indicated to me for control all the PBXs ( IP and TDM) in order to keep the the LCR running with a easy management process. ( The call routing roles only in the CUBE and all PBX consulting the CUBE for make calls )

This is true?  the CUBE can control non CISCO PBXs? If yes, there is a limity? 


I realy appreciate any help.