Questions about my 6509-E

Discussion created by on Apr 17, 2010
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Hi Group,


So i have some questions about my 6509.


I'm trying to understand the throughput i have and some basic questions regarding the components of this switch:


Heres what i have:


VS-S720-10G - Sup720 x2 (active/standby)

WS-X6148-GE-TX x3






1) So i just found out that the 61xx series line cards are not fabric enabled and ultize the 32Gb Shared bus.

          a) what is the difference between the 720Gb Fabic vs a shared bus?

          b) with a single 6148 line card populated with all 48 ports running 1gig on each port will i get a total of 48Gbs through that card or only 32Gb(shared bus)?

               /rant I'm kind upset that im not accessing the 720 fabric, what would be the point of selling line cards that don't grrrrr /rant

          c) I heard that even with the 67xx series line cards that there are throughput limits i think like 30Gbs or 40Gbs of the actual 720Gbs available.


2) So with my available configuration and line cards, we have servers and VM servers connecting to the 6509. Would it be best for me to move our VM-Ware server to the WS-X6724-SFP? I'd have to buy copper SFP's, would i get more throughput?