Adding Users and Phones to UC systems

Discussion created by archama on Mar 26, 2010
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What if there was an easy way to add a phone and user across the Cisco UC Suite of products (UCCM, Unity Connection, Presence, Contact Center, Meetingplace Express etc...) ?  This process currently can take a long time and visits to many different administrative interfaces.  What if it could be done in only a few minutes from a single interface?  What could an application that does this be worth to either a Cisco Partner, or to the End Customer?


We will be launching such an application and are looking to input to make sure we are not missing the mark.

What features would people like to see in such an application?

What are people willing to pay for such an application?

What products would be the most helpful to have such an application for?



Thanks for your input.


Aaron Archambault