Need for Proactive Monitoring of Unified Communications System

Discussion created by oviqbal on Mar 25, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by tringwelski

Hi Community,


What are your thoughts on the importance of proactively Monitoring and Managing UC system on an ongoing basis? I have seen in several cases where specially small to mid size customers are some times missing this component, what could be the possible reasons? I can think of some as listed below.


- Proactive Monitoring requirements are generally excluded from the early sales discussion with the customer?

- Monitoring and Management products are expensive?

- Customers are not fully aware of what is out there?

- More load on customer's operations staff? or too many isolated tools to manage?

- Difficult to decide on which product to use?

- Or some customers think that link up/down plus some basic service monitoring from their existing NMS system would be enough?


What do you think? and will you share please?