Deleted user in Unity Connection still has messages and is calling old user's mobile phone

Discussion created by dtmori on Mar 19, 2010
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Hello all,


It seems I have an odd situation.


I have an employee that has left the company.  During the time they were employed they had forwarded all of their calls to their mobile phone while they were away. As such, it is likely that their mobile phone number was stored somewhere on the system.


Since they left the company we had removed them from LDAP (Unified Comm is connected to our LDAP for user accounts).  We have also checked and they are removed from Unified Comm accounts as well as the Unity Connections Admin pages.  However this user still seems to have messages in their mailbox and each day our former employee gets calls on her mobile telling her to clear her messages.


With no account on Unified Comm, Unity Connections, or in LDAP, I am at a loss as to where to look next to try to clear the messages.


Any help, or ideas as to where to look next would be appreciated.


For your reference I have:


  • Unity Connections version
  • Unified Comm Call Manger version
  • Platform Type7828H3
    Processor Speed2133
    CPU TypeIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU            3050  @ 2.13GHz
    Memory6144 Mbytes
    Object ID1.
    OS Versionoperatingsystem.UCOS3.0.0.0-56


Many thanks,