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Domino/Unity Issue

Question asked by patiwaq on Mar 14, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2010 by mgervase

Unity Server OS = W2k3  Unity = 7.0 Build 7.0 (2)  Ducs = 125


Lately any new user added to the system has an issue with MWI talking to their phone.  Voicemail messages look like wav files even tho the DUCs client is installed.  No Ducs player is visible.  When you try to retrieve your messages using the phone the user gets "you have no new messages/you have no saved messages"  even tho they are sitting unread in the mailfile.


We thought maybe a corrupt notes install on the client machine.  So I created a new workstation and a fresh install of Notes/DUCs added the user and the issue follows.  I do a switch ID to a working user (myself) and the voicemail message is normal and DUCs player is present.



This is getting crazy and patience getting thin.


Any help is greatly appreaciated.