PSTN-SIP-VPN-SIP-ILBC Remote Site Testing

Discussion created by cesar.fiestas on Mar 1, 2010



I wanted to share the following with you guys, as we are getting ready to get several of our small remote sites online using vpn over a T1, SIP to PSTN, and of course me be being a fan of sip i wanted to use SIP as I have done previously in few of our bigger Sites with much success although those sites have a local pri, in this case i want to have a centralized call processing, and instead of using PRI's, our remotes sites will use SIP trunking to the PSTN for local dialing access and 911 and LD via our CAS T1 trunks in our central location, i have taken several things in consideration, such as the connectivity back in forth from the local office to our central site (VPN) instead of MPLS, hardware type selected etc, so before we start a massive deployment i want to measure several things here before doing anything, I will be measruing things such as type of hardware (router, switches, endpoints, voice quality etc)


Business Requirments are:

5 people office

1 AP

1 Printer

Lots of file sharing over windows

Internet/Intranet Access

Local Calling/LD Calling/DID/Unity/MeetingPlace Access

All over a T1 Line


*I have selected the following hardware to doing my testing:

As far as router goes - Cisco 1721 / Cisco 1841 / Cisco 1861 / Cisco 2801

As far as Switches - Cisco 3560

As far as IP Phones - Cisco 7945G Cisco 6941, The Cisco 7945G will be running a SIP firmware and doing iLBC and of course the Cisco 6941 will do SCCP and G729.

-CallManager 7.1.3