Had a fantastic time last week at OpenStack Summit 2016 Austin. One week, two events attended by thousands of people from more than 50 countries.

Event # 1. The OpenStack Conference for everyone

Event # 2. The OpenStack Ops & Design Summit for contributors


These events included keynotes and several speaking sessions. Most of the sessions were hands-on workshops aligned to Cloud Computing theme. Cisco had:

  • 1 keynote session by Lew Tucker, Cisco Cloud CTO and Vice Chairman of the OpenStack Foundation. It was a remarkable session with a great storyline – “Above all man is an inventor. We’re not content to accept what nature has provided us”. Lew shared Cisco’s work in Open Source area wherein OpenStack is the key element, recording of this session is available on OpenStack Foundation’s YouTube Channel
  • 20 breakout sessions featuring Cisco Speakers. Majority of the Cisco sessions were completely packed with people. Cisco sessions covered various Open Source Solutions including Cisco Shipped, Mantl, Cisco Metapod, ACI, UCS, NFV etc.


Our Cisco booth at OpenStack Summit Marketplace was one of the busiest places. There were more than 1000 visitors at Cisco Booth from IT leaders to app developers. OpenStack Summit was not just talks and workshops, we had social events and after-party events.


IMG_5801 (1).jpg

Visitors @ Cisco booth at OpenStack Summit 2016 Marketplace


  The @CiscoCloud #StackCity #OpenStack party


It was my first OpenStack Summit, had a very exciting experience not only for learning new things but also for fun & networking. My key takeaways from the sessions I attended are:

  • Power of Open Source and Open APIs integration using
    • OpenStack | Mesos | Kubernetes | Ansible
  • Cloud Platform with OpenStack for
    • IoT | Data Science | DevOps
  • Containers are the new building blocks of applications
    • Docker | Self Healing Infra | Auto Scaling Infra


I had the opportunity to lead Cisco DevNet demo, interacted with lots of passionate developers, they were not only excited to see Cisco DevNet but also loved the resources available for them to learn, code, and inspire. I have demonstrated how to get started with OpenStack within a virtual machine (VM) on developer laptop to create a first OpenStack powered cloud and helped them in familiarizing with Horizon, the OpenStack UI and showed the use of CLI to gain a peak at OpenStack's programatic interfaces, also demonstrated IoT solutions and learning labs. However, Cisco DevNet has lot to offer to the developers, it covers diverse technologies and provide Sandbox, Sample Code, APIs, Learning Labs, and Community Support for different areas such as IoT, Cloud, Networking, Analytics & Automation, Security, DevOps, Collaboration, Open Source etc. For more go to developer.cisco.com.



Thanks to everyone who visited the Cisco booth and spent time learning about the value that DevNet provides to the developers. We are getting ready for Cisco Live US 2016 - Las Vegas, NV from July 10-14. We hope to see you again soon at Cisco Live!


Questions or want to share your Cisco DevNet @ OpenStack Summit experience? Find me @YadavYogesh. Thanks for reading!