For a medium size contact center, Cisco CUCM can do a time based or round robin based routing of calls to agent. In that case there is no need of Contact Center suite deployment which will save the maintenance of multiple servers. What about other important features if enterprise is not deploying contact center suite like-

-Agent Call Recording

-Agent Call Monitoring

- Screen Popup & CRM plugins


Here comes PARSEC application as value addition over CUCM & CUPS infrastructure. PARSEC has developed following applications specifically for Contact Centers only with CUCM based routing-

-Web based monitoring tool - Using this tool Supervisor and Group Supervisor can monitor the agent's voice activity. There is concept of groups. Agents & Supervisor/Group Supervisor can belongs to multiple groups. Supervisor can set the continuous monitoring for agents which will automatically start monitoring of that agent.


- Phone Service for monitoring the agents - No need of PC, other features are same as above.



- Multi Monitoring Applications - Useful if multiple supervisor wants to monitor same agent at same time


-Call Recording Applications


-Screen PopUp & CRM Plugins



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