At the moment I am at the Cisco - Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions - training and a big part of this course is the Cisco TrustSec System.

So first of all what is Cisco TrustSec?

This is a core component of the Cisco SecureX Architecture. This component mitigates security risks in the entire Network. It gains visibility and control over who, what, where and when someone connects to your Network...


But I don't want to explain the whole TrustSec here.

In my training I was searching a How-To Guide and/or a Red Line, which guides me through the whole process of implementing such a TrustSec Solution.


The really good news is, that Cisco have such How-To Guides. They created a whole series of documents where they build one on another an Guide for a successfully Implementation of the Cisco TrustSec system. The Guide is like a subway plan to help an identify the stage of the deployment process.

But there is a catch, only single PDF Documents are available. This means every Chapter is a standalone Document, which you can only access them via the search from or google.


Back to my "Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions" Course, between the Theory and Lab-Sessions I invested my time usefully and created a Complete Guide with all of the single PDF Documents.