When supporting our Cisco Partners through the transition from Borderless Networks portfolio of specialisations over to Enterprise Networks and Security, we noticed significant number of Cisco Partners are unable to make the transition on time due to reasons such as training unavailability and out of office hours required from certified individuals to attend the training. We have recently decided to allow Cisco Partners more time to transition. Following Specialisation anniversary (expiration ) dates will be extended:


- Advanced Borderless Networks Architecture

- Advanced WLAN

- Advanced R&S

- Advanced Security

- Advanced Content Security


Cisco will manually change the anniversary dates in profile of our Cisco Partners


Note: The new dates will align with Cisco Partner's Certification anniversary date taking place after 1 August 2015.

For example:

If Cisco Select or Premier or Gold Partner certification date is 1 July 2015 then we will extend their Borderless Networks Architecture anniversary date, or whatever specialisation they hold from the above listed, to 1 July 2016 (which comes after 1 August 2015). If Cisco Select or Premier or Gold certification date is let's say 1 October 2015 then we will extend their specialisation anniversary date to 1 October 2015 (which comes after 1 August 2015).

If Cisco Partner is Silver Certified then we will extend their Borderless Networks Architecture or whatever specialisation they hold from the above listed to 1 April 2016 which will be the new certification date we are planning to give to all Silver Certified Partners


Note:  The new If Cisco Partner is only specialised and does not hold any certification level (Select, Premier, Silver, Gold) such Cisco Partner get their specialisation anniversary date extended to 1 August 2015.


Note: Cisco Partners holding ATP ISE accreditation will get also their ATP ISE anniversary date extended to the same date. This is due to the fact that ATP ISE requires Cisco Partner to firstly attain the new specialisations before renewing participation in ATP ISE. Cisco Partners who are planning to apply for ATP ISE for first time must firstly attain the new specialisations before they can apply for ATP ISE.




(includes Enterprise Networks Architecture, Core & Wan, Unified Access)


We have recently updated the Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture and Advanced Core and Wan roles to make it easier for Cisco Partners to transition.

Note: None of the changes we implemented will affect those partners who have already accomplished all or any part of the requirements.




AM previous:  Existing CSE V.6 (646-206) OR Selling Business Outcomes (810-401)

AM current: No changes


SE previous: CCDP or CCDE; Exam 640-722 IUWNE (this is the CCNA Wireless exam);  Exam 642-732 CUWSS (this is one of the 4 exams required for a CCNP Wireless);  Exam 500-451 ENUAE;  Exam 500-452 ENCWE

SE current: CCDP or CCDE or CCIE Routing and Switching or CCIE Wireless AND  CCNA Wireless or CCNP Wireless or CCIE Wireless;  Exam 500-452 ENCWE


Note: We expanded options for the pre-requisite. Instead of only restricting the SE person to be either CCDP or CCDE, now the person can also be CCIE R&S or CCIE WLAN certified


Note: We moved away from the 640-722 IUWNE exam requirement to the full option of CCNA Wireless so that we can allow CCNA Wireless holders who took any previous version exam. Such requirement can be now also superseded by a CCIE Wireless.  So System Engineer with a CCIE Wireless will satisfy both groups and will have no other career certification requirement so that is why it is listed twice.


Note: The Exam 642-732 above was moved to a standalone exam requirement that can be fulfilled by anyone in partner's company.  Therefore, if your System Engineer already took this exam then it will still remain completed and your System Engineer will automatically appear in the role.  If your System Engineer has not taken it, but someone else has taken it in the past (your BN FE 3 would have had to take this exam) then the requirement is fulfilled.


Note:  The Exam 500-451 above was moved to a standalone exam requirement that can be fulfilled by anyone.  Therefore, if your SE already took it then it will still be fulfilled.  There is no additional requirement here.  If your SE has not taken it, then anyone can take it to satisfy this requirement.


FE previous: CCNP R&S or CCIE R&S; Exam 640-722 IUWNE (This is the CCNA Wireless Exam)

FE current: split into 2 FE roles


FE 1:  CCNP R&S or CCE R&S

FE 2: CCNA Wireless or CCNP Wireless or CCIE Wireless


Note: This is simply splitting the old requirement in two (as the required IUWNE exam is equivalent to a CCNA Wireless).  The reason for this is so that partners can migrate their existing BN FE’s over with their current requirements instead of one of them having to add an additional career cert.  If your FE has already fulfilled the old requirements then because we allow both FE roles to be fulfiled by the same person then you will have both FE roles completed.  If your FE has not fulfilled both requirements then you can choose either 1 or 2 individuals to fulfill these requirements.



We know that it is not an ideal situation to change the requirements so close to many partners’ deadlines.  We also understand that it is the cause of legitimate concern for those partners who are already in the process of fulfilling the requirements.  We made sure that none of the changes will require additional investment for those who have already fulfilled the requirements or were close to fulfilling the requirements,  but the changes allow flexibility to those partners who have not yet started down the migration path or to those Cisco Partners who plan for additional individuals to certify in the specialisation roles as back-up.


Both Advanced Core&Wan Specialization and Advanced Unified Access Specialization Requirements were aligned with the above changes too in order to cascade down the simplification to Technology-level specialisations and allow those Cisco Partners approaching technology-level specialisations to benefit from the simplification.