To harness the power of our customers and partners, we have created Cisco Champions. The Cisco Champions Program is for technology enthusiasts with a passion for sharing their expertise and thought leadership about Cisco and the I.T. industry.  At Cisco, we take our citizen analysts seriously. They are the people who help make us successful.

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Cisco Champions receive these benefits:

  • Rewards and recognition for their contributions
  • Invitations to “sneak peek” exclusive events, meetings and speaking opportunities
  • Special access to interactions with technology groups and Executives
  • Opportunities for our external advocates to directly communicate with Cisco employees, while providing their feedback
  • Access to a private online community initiated by and for Cisco Champions
  • A digital Cisco Champion badge that can be used in email signatures, websites and social networks during the membership years.


We love our Cisco Champions. There is nothing as invigorating as talking to a customer who is as passionate about the I.T. industry as we are. And, they help us share the Cisco message broadly and authentically.


What makes the Cisco Champions Program Different?

  • We work cross-functionally, crossing market segments, business functions and regions
  • We are partnering with technologists to tell the Cisco story
  • We are going beyond merely increasing social reach with our efforts, using social platforms to close the gap for meaningful relationships in measurable ways




  • 4 Cisco Champion Radio Podcast Episodes on topics ranging from ACI to NetAcad offerings 720K reach to date
  • Blogs: 40 total blogs by Cisco Champions supporting key initiatives like IoE, Cloud, Mobility. Also Cisco products and services, events, IT thought leadership. >10,000 views
  • Blog Highlight: Highest Twitter reach achieved by a Cisco Champion blog article by Sam O’Daniel was ~2M
  • 2,600 Social Shares for articles by Cisco Champions to date
  • Ask The Futurist: The in-depth articles based on the questions of the advocates and shared by Dave Evans received >26,000 views
  • In three months Cisco Champions have posted ~90,000 times
  • Social reach based on Twitter mentions from and about the Cisco Champions using Radian6 technology ~6.3M in 30 days