Hi there, over the course of the past 4-6 months, talking to various customers and partners about Cisco Spark, one theme continued to come can Cisco Spark transform or optimize a process?  And to that extent, a request that continued to be asked was how could Cisco "collaborate enable" a business application? The result being:

  1. Improve business and IT outcomes
  2. Shorten times to resolution by integrating into a business messaging/calling platform like Cisco Spark
  3. Provide a more natural means for users to interact with the existing investments in their business that matter


The business application that continued to come up that many IT and many LOB users use within their environments is ServiceNow.


ServiceNow is at the core, a service management platform, basically a system that allows IT in many cases to create and respond to incidents, tickets, issues and correlate business rules / SLAs etc into the process.  However this space of service management platforms are expanding into other areas like HR, Sales etc.  ServiceNow and Cisco have various ties between our network infrastructure and incident management systems.


Second, another request that continued to be raised with customers was how to integrate into a "ChatOps" framework.  ChatOps at its most basic definition is the ability to integrate all of the different applications and systems involved in IT or software development or sales or (insert workflow or process here) into a user friendly chat application.  When you think about it, there are a lot of functions, people and process that we work with to get things done and why not collapse all of them into one place where you could query a coworker on a topic, ask a customer/partner a question and/or query a bot to run a task for you in some other application?


Thus, I created a bot to interface to ServiceNow to do just that, allow users and applications to interface with each other in what makes sense, in Cisco Spark.  I chose the name for the bot to be Iris , named after the Greek goddess and the personification of the rainbow.


The goal for Iris is to:

  1.    Integrate a business application like ServiceNow into Cisco Spark
  2.   Provide a means for users to interface with their ServiceNow instance to proactively and re-actively respond to, query and update incidents as they occur in ServiceNow.
  3.   Provide a collaboration platform at the teams' fingertips to escalate, meet, discuss and collaborate on incidents and issues and have their data/services platform readily available to optimize the process.


If you summon (invite to one of your rooms, she will greet you with a list of commands she listens for when you @mention her in the room.  She also provides you with a few instructions on how to log into the ServiceNow instance she is integrated to and how to demo her.  There is a short video here as well to take you through how Iris works as well as some screen shots:
















Screen Shot #1




Screen Shot #2:





Screen Shot #3