My name is Oace Dada and I work in the Collaboration Business Development team.  Today we are focused on Refreshing Video Enpoints.


I am sure you are already aware of our completely refreshed and award winning new line of Video Enpoints from DX70 and DX80 for the Desktop, to MX200 and MX300 for small meeting rooms, to MX700 and MX800 for large meeting rooms to IX5000 our Immersive room system.


Project workplace is a great tool that allows you to shows customers how they can implement all the new enpoints in their offices



We also have an Assessmen Tool CUCM Upgrade Central that runs against the customer Cisco Unified CM or VCS and identifies all Endpoint they have in there environment and identifies Endpoints which are eligable for an update.



We have developed Collab Now program and TMP incentives to help you with Refreshing the installed Video Endpoints may of which are approaching End of Support and End of Sale

If you have any questions about these program or any aspects of Refreshing Video Enpoints, please ask a question.  We are here to help.


Oace Dada