Hi everybody,

I would like to share my latest script for quick checking the device default table of Cisco Unified Call Manager.

Every time when I uploaded new phone version or installed new device-pack cop file on servers with tftp available, I had to create screen-shots before, and after the change to compare all model's devices considering the screen-shots with the current table and fix each one.


I have to tell you, It is not fun.


So let me show you my script reference.

It should to work with versions 8.0+.


First of all, make sure you have application user/End User with AXL permissions.

Fill the details to sign in the Cucm.

Then,  this window will show:

main view.PNG

1. Click on Start button before u made a change on CUCM to collect the your current devices's loads.

2. After the load installation and restart the tftp service off-course, click on Compare.


3. On the top-right of view you can see three different results:

     - Try Again     - It's mean that the CUCM is busy at the moment, so wait for 5-10 sec and click compare again.

     - Full Match    - It's mean that no changes were made.

     - No Mach      - It's mean that changes were made.


In case of no-match see the records below.

If the change was made in a particular model's device who was in the table before, the record will show in blue.

If the change was added new models's devices, the records will show in purple.


You can see the new load's name of each marked record at the "Next Load Information" column.


4.After you fixed the changes in the table under the Cucm's administration page, Click Compare again and see if you have full match.

You can click over and over, see the results and fix until you will see full-match.


*The software should to work after 30 seconds because I used .NET with framework 3.5

Good Luck