Read if your client’s network is over 5 years old (lots of our client’s networks are).  This is a risk assessment that targets a select portion of that network and assesses risk for outages, downtime.


It’s a fixed cost ($75K) and right now partners can make a great margin on it since we offer a 40% discount to them.  This can drive business for partners through remediation.  Send your account leads to me and I can work with the partners to get them started on this!



The following activities and deliverables are included with the Risk Assessment service.  It’s a 90 day period, 2 onsite visits from a Cisco NCE



Network Component Analysis

Network Topology Analysis

Protocol and Configuration Resiliency Evaluation

Network Device Security Assessment


Presentation and Review of Risk Assessment Findings

Risk assessment reports, which include hardware EoX, software infrastructure analysis, software security alerts (PSIRTs), field notices, best practice configuration analyses, and network device security assessments.




More details:

The proliferation of mobile devices/BYOD, XaaS, and video consumption makes it necessary for all customers with infrastructures greater than five years old to renew their commitment to ensuring network resiliency and availability.


To protect mission-critical business applications and data from unexpected downtime, customers need a clear understanding of the current state of the network, applications, systems, and network-connected devices. Because technologies, business processes, and threats are continually evolving, it is important for customers to perform a periodic assessment of their network.


Cisco® Network Optimization Service (NOS) Risk Assessment provides an assessment of a selected portion of the customer’s network infrastructure, with Cisco experts providing actionable recommendations.


The NOS Risk Assessment is different from traditional optimization services in that it is available as an AS-Fixed Service, making it easier to quote, sell and order than ever before. The NOS Risk Assessment is available for re-sale for 1-Tier partners as well as 2-Tier partners via distribution and can be ordered via CCW.


At a $75,000 list price, the NOS Risk Assessment is a great way for Commercial, Tier-2 and Tier-3 Enterprise and Public Sector customers to experience the benefits of NOS without making an up-front full-year commitment. This service is specifically designed for mid-tier customers and is limited to 2000 devices per client.


For a limited time, partners can purchase the NOS Risk Assessment with a promotional discount of 40% (up from 10%), bringing the introductory partner price down to $45,000. This is an extraordinary value and a chance for partners to increase their re-sale margins.


The NOS Risk Assessment is delivered over a 90-day period and includes two on-site visits from a Cisco NCE. The NOS Risk Assessment taps into the knowledge and expertise of Cisco Services to help customers improve their enterprise network’s resiliency and availability.


The NOS Risk Assessment is also eligible for Optimization Overdrive rebates for 1-Tier partners in the Americas. Partners who register their opportunities will receive an additional 4% rebate on every NOS Risk Assessment they re-sell.


Additional partner benefits include:

Increased professional services and product pull-through sales

Alignment with Cisco and opportunity to implement Cisco recommendations

Improved strategic positioning for additional customer sales, enabled by a deeper knowledge of the customer network and driven by prioritized recommendations