T1 Document

T1 is defined as "A declaration of shipping for the transportation of non-Community goods between two locations in the EU customs area."

If you are returning an RMA back to the Returns location in the Netherlands, and your carrier is not delivering the shipment directly and may stop at another EU country on the way, a T1 deceleration will then be needed. This is because uncleared goods must be customs cleared within a given time after arrival, so one option avoid clearing it as it will ship again, is to use the T1 form to enter the goods into transit between the two customs points.

To issue a T1 deceleration, please ensure the Commercial Invoice accompany the shipment to ensure transporting the goods without any delay.


Packing Slips

Known as a shipping list, delivery list or a shipment manifest is a shipping document that accompanies delivery packages, usually inside an attached shipping pouch or inside the package itself.

It includes an itemized detail of the package contents and does not necessary include the pricing or values. Its declaration of contents of the package and helps to facilitate the identification and acceptance of the shipment at customer's site.

The Shipping Documents tool can also be used to print a Packing Slip.



Logistics and Returns

Logistics and Returns offers partners the opportunity to gain valuable insight and direction relating to Cisco’s Logistics and Returns programs and processes. Partners are able to access several forms of content that address policy, process and tools.