This is a document used in international trade. This certificate does not mean the country the goods are shipped from, but the country where the goods are actually made.

As Cisco has multiple manufacturing sites across the globe, and many produce the same products, we do not have this certificate on the data base ready for printing.

Depending on your order, configuration and ship to location the system would assign the shipset to the most appropriate manufacturing location, and therefore requests for COO are made on ad-hoc bases.

If you require a Certificate of Origin you should indicate this at the time of order entry at the time of order placement in the notes section. We could provide this certificate as a service for all Opt-In Customers (Cisco Routed). In case you have a Self Routed preferences, you would need to arrange the certificate yourself.

As the team will need to work with other groups and therefore such requests would need 7 days fulfill.



Logistics and Returns

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