This is a brief document on how to create a SXML client in Java Eclipse


There are a few things to need to do before you can start:

1: Download exlipse

     Open the WSDL link


     Save the certificate if you are using a self signed cert. This will probably be a .der file.



2: Download the WSDL

     Also copy and paste the whole WSDL and save it to a local file


3: Create the eclipse project and import the WSDL using the below link if you need assistance


You should then have a project with the WSDL created classes and methods


I kept getting a warning message about a missing file so I downloaded Javamail (from the Java website)

Then I added it as an external JAR file as below


4: Import certificate into keystore

You need to determine where your cacerts are stored and which is being used by Eclipse. For me it was

c:\program files\java\jreXXXX\lib\security\cacerts

Open a cmd prompt and go to

c:\program files\java\JREXXXX\bin

run keytool -keystore ..\lib\security\cacerts -importcert -alias NAMEOFCERT -file PATH-TO-CERT-AND CERT NAME.der


If asked for a password "changeit" is the default, you may need to restart the PC but I would try just eclipse.


Now you should have a system that is ready to go with the certificates imported.



The code is attached as I was not able to paste this into the post.


This should be a start for people wanting to use the SXML within Java



When I was doing testing with this it did cause issues with my CUCM server. The code actually locked up the Service Manager on the CUCM server. Please be careful when using this code, I had to reboot the CUCM server but this was only in a lab enviroment. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND AND IT FOR INSTRUCTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!!