The next Industrial Revolution is coming and Country Digitization, The Internet of Everything, Cloud and Security are just 4 ways  for you to grow your business and we can help you to grow faster.



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Expo 2015 in Milan was the first step of this revolution. The first world wide event 100% fully IP connected.

More than 20 Million visitors, 3000 (thousand) wi-fi access point and 60.000 (thousand) users connected everyday; this are a few numbers for you to understand the terrific amount of data generated around the Expo.

This amazing Cisco success was just the beginning.


And now?


Cisco bet in Italy  to become a Digital Country, to become Digitaliani, Cisco is betting on you, Partner!


Cisco is commiting $100 Million dollars over the next three years to drive the Digital Acceleration of Italy, Increasing Digital Skills and Awareness and fostering Italy’s Innovative Technology Startup Community.



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The current Internet of Things technology is the Industrial Revolution 4.0.


IoT is going to be huge and will change our life from the moment you wake up, to when you go to sleep.

An estimate expects there to be around 40bn IoT devices connected across the globe in just four years’ time and if


It's not worth billions... studies show it's worth trillions


Because this $15trn dollar opportunity market is what  companies are missing out by not taking advantage of the industrial side of IoT.


But how to “manage” this huge opportunities and increase your profitability?


With Cisco Jasper for example you can accelerate your time-to-market, easily and rapidly scale your IoT services, getting closer to your customers and providing automated, real-time visibility and control to all of your networked devices and services.


We at CISCO can help you to take control of your IoT services!

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“If you are not talking about cloud with your clients some of your competitors are doing it for you, now, right now.”


Our business Environment is changing faster than ever, 74% of enterprises have an Hybrid Cloud Strategy and 94% of them are already using software, platform or infrastructure as a Service.


Cloud was the future but now its the present.


Talking about Cloud means extending your portfolio of solutions, accelerating your time to market with new cloud services, and reaching new market segments, increasing your customer relevance by understanding their business and their desired outcomes.


In 2012 the relationship between Data Center on premises and on Cloud was 61% against 39%, in 4 years, today, 63% of your client’s Data Center are on the Cloud and the percentage continues to increase! This is just amazing!!!


Cisco’s Cloud Portfolio offers what you need to migrate your clients to the cloud making your cloud initiatives successful and secure!


Think about your cloud strategy, about the correct strategy for your client, “what are we already consuming?”, “what do our business users need?”, “What is the plan?” and then use the Cisco Solution Portfolio to reach your targets.


Meraki, Hybrid Cloud solution, Openstack, are a just few of the solutions created from Cisco for you to help your client attain their business outcomes.


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John Chambers says: “There are two types of companies: those who have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.”


A new approach to security, disruptive thinking and innovation is critical: to secure your clients you need to build resilient defenses before, during and after the attack


So Partner, this is our momento, more than ever…and "There’s never been a better time to call your VPAM!!"


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- Irma Manieri

- Fabio Salvo