One beautiful sunny morning. Imagine, you want to write an essay online. Planning to share so many thoughts and feelings with your friends and followers on Twitter. After the start, Twitter says you cannot write more than 140 characters! You can send a direct message, you can share a link or image, but you cannot write more than 140 characters. Why? There is no answer. Well, there is an answer! Very lame answer. Twitter is a microblog, you can not write more than 140 characters! Now question arise, should Twitter increase its 140 characters limit? Or it will finally drop?




Why Does Twitter Have 140 character Limit?

Twitter initially followed the SMS type service and started in that way. Mobile SMS service allowed you to write maximum 160 characters. Twitter allows you to write 140 characters so that you can write quickly using a mobile phone. In fact, around 60% Twitter users use it via mobile phones. Since the popularity has been increased many users use Twitter as a media of social communication. Users think it should increase the 140 character limit as it is quite impossible to express views within 140 character limit.


Interesting Facts About Twitter

Twitter started the journey on July 15, 2006. Since then it has been following the 140 character trends. It has 320 million active users till now which is only 23% of all internet users around the world. On the contrary, 71% of all internet users around the world uses Facebook. You can write up to 10,000 words on Facebook. See the popularity here! One of the most interesting facts is that 44% of registered users of Twitter have never tweeted! You can imagine the scenario now. They might try but could not express anything within the limit of 140 characters. Only 16% of U.S. Internet users are on Twitter. The percentage is comparatively lower than other social network websites.


Reactions of the Users

Mix reaction has seen throughout the media and social network. Many Twitter users think it should increase the character limit. On the other side, many users stand with 140 character limit. They think it's the fun part of Twitter. A regular user of Twitter, John Wicca supports Twitter's 140 character limit. He says Twitter without the 140 character limit is stupid. Part of the fun is condensing content into a manageable form. Many users support Twitter's 140 character limit because it works with mobile SMS service. You can Tweet anytime using your mobile SMS application. It allows you to tweet when you're not using the internet. Some users share their thoughts in a different angle. They say that still Twitter can keep the 140 character limit for mobile users. The mobile users can tweet within the limit, but people who use the internet should get the opportunity to express their thoughts. Twitter should not bind all internet users within the 140 character limit. The interesting fact is that Twitter itself thinking about a change. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter acknowledged that the 140 character limit is one of the reasons for slow growth.