Cisco Live 2014 was the first big event for the DevNet team. You can only do so much planning, so much rehearsal.




Would anyone show up? Would anyone care?



We were honestly nervous. But at some point you have to pull back the curtain and see what happens.





We were astounded and humbled by your interest. Almost every session we gave was standing room only.



I talked to a lot of you at the show. The feedback I got was very positive. With the social media hub sitting right outside the API theater I got to see the reaction to many of the talks. People were stopping as they passed by, then finding a seat and sitting down, or standing and watching to the end.


This was our first Developers Conference. We tried to put together sessions with a lot of technical content. We wanted you to hear where we're headed from the source, so we pulled in Cisco's team of CTOs to talk about it. We also feel it's important to hear outside voices, so we asked some of our partners to share what they are doing, and we brought in people like Scott Hanselman to give one of the keynotes. Many people asked us if we taped Scott's talk, and unfortunately we didn't, but if you follow that link it'll take you to a different version of the talk he gave for us this year.




We worked with the people from Angelhack to put on a hackathon -- it ran all night and into the next day.




We had no idea if anyone would want to do it, but we had a full house, and 11 teams demoed projects at the end of it. The winning team went home with $5000, and we were so happy with the results we added a fourth major prize into the mix.




John Chambers even stopped by and crashed the hackathon.




We feel like we did the best we could. A lot of people told me they agree with that. I hope you do, too. If you were there, drop by the forums and let us know what you think. Tell us what worked, and even more importantly, tell us how we can be better next time. We know we can do better, so please help guide us there.


One thing we heard often and loud: get more of this content online. We weren't able to get cameras in the session theaters this time around, but that's high on my priority for future events, so we can tape and publish the sessions here on DevNet for those that can't be there in person. I'll do what I can to make that happen. We also know we need to work harder to get content from sessions here on the site, if not in real time, as soon after the event as possible. We're working to identify presentations and technical material and get it online and I'll post blog entries pointing to it when it's there: you can also keep an eye on our Cisco Live 2014 page where we'll link that material. The code samples and other material from Mandy Whaley's Coding 101 class are now online there.


This event's a wrap, but planning is already starting on the next one. We did a lot right; we learned a lot, and there's so much more we want to do. Help us shape future events by talking to us about what you want. I can tell you I'm already looking forward to it and seeing all of you there.


Here are a few more shots of the show. the full set of images from the show is available over on Flickr.