Our programming tracks continue here in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live. We continue to see nice crowds and a lot of interest about our new developer community here. I've been quite impressed with the qualiity of the talks being presented and that's not just because I'm staff, the presenters have been doing a great job.


This morning we had Scott Hanselman give a keynote where he talked about getting control of your inbox and learning how to focus your time and energies on what's important and not what's interrupting you. A very good talk and if you missed it, we had standing room only ten deep and a very appreciative audience. Check out his web site if you want more info on his talks.


The hackathon continues and they have about another hour of coding. Judging starts at 2PM and we'll be issuing awards around 4PM. If you're near Moscone West stop by and see what 24 hours of sweat and Red Bull can pull out of the brains of motivated hackers.

The Spring Roll collaboration area demo continues to be the most popular here in the Zone. Every demo is five or more people deep watching this next evolution of the video conferencing environment.

We'll finish up the hackathon this afternoon and we'll continue to have talks in the main theater and two tracks of talks tomorrow before we wind this down and call it a conference.

If you're in the Devnet zone or around Cisco Live, stop by and introduce yourself; I'm hanging out most of the time at the info desk near the API theater here on the 2nd floor of Moscone West and I'd love to hear what you think about our first DevNet Zone conference.

Chuq Von Rospach

DevNet Zone Community Manager