Our b+s Connects for Salesforce CCE/CCX 3.3 Edition has just landed—don’t miss a beat!

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New features and improvements in this release

  • Salesforce Omni-Channel Federation (see below)
  • Support for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
  • Expanded API integration methods
  • Added display for amount of time an agent has spent in a given state

Salesforce Omni-Channel Federation

Customers have been asking how they can use Salesforce Omni-Channel for non-voice work item management (workflow) in conjunction with Cisco voice routing… Bucher + Suter now makes it seamless for agents to blend handling telephone calls and management of Salesforce omni-work objects. An integrated UI (gadget) and federated agent state combine to power this unified environment. This feature is included at no additional cost. Here is a list of key features:

  • Coordinate Contact Center phone calls and Salesforce Omni-Channel work requests to ensure agents on phone calls are not interrupted by Omni-Channel tasks
  • Allow agents to change their Omni-Channel presence state (ready/not-ready) within the b+s gadget
  • Agents can accept new non-voice Salesforce tasks and Cisco Contact Center phone calls all from within the b+s gadget

See Salesforce Omni-Channel Federation in action! Click here for a demo video and here for an article.


Upgrade to version 3.3 now. Please contact your Bucher + Suter account team to schedule your upgrade today.

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