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InGenius® Connector Enterprise 5.0 consolidates your call data and customer information in Salesforce, making it easy to obtain the facts you need to drive the performance of your contact center agents, and improve customer service. Calls using your Cisco phone system are automatically logged inside the CRM, providing accurate and consistent details so contact center managers can make better decisions. Call data ranges from standard details like call duration, to specialized information like wrap-up codes and agent call notes. The collection of specialized information is enabled through codes and call log templates that you can easily tailor through web configuration tools, to match your business processes in any way you need.


Pre-configured reports show agent-level information with data on individual performance, and team-level information with overall contact center data that can be scoped to a designated time frame. Metrics include:

  • Average handle time
  • Total talk time
  • Successful call counts
  • Call results
  • Successful call list
  • Volume reports

The 2016 Dimension Data Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report found 71.5% of contact centers say analytics enables better agent performance. Having the tools and information required to provide exceptional customer service makes the difference between keeping and losing customers, and InGenius can help. With the new Salesforce reports package from InGenius, combined with Cisco phone systems, contact center managers get a 360-degree view of customer call interactions and a big picture look at agent productivity for intelligent analysis and decision-making.


They say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but here at InGenius, we're willing to put that to the test if it means creating an experience that's doubly usable and supported across platforms. By harnessing the power of the Salesforce Lightning Experience for Sales Cloud combined with Cisco phone systems, we've zapped new life into our InGenius Connector Enterprise and made improvements for version 5.0 that will make the transition as seamless as possible for your organization.


While the switch to the Lightning Experience comes with an electrifying new look, the functionalities that give InGenius a five-star rating on the Salesforce AppExchange remain, including click-to-dial, screen pop, call logging and screen transfer.



Agents are able to make calls by clicking on a phone number in Salesforce. Rather than having to type in numbers, or use a desk phone, they're able to connect as fast as, well, lightning.


Screen Pop

While on the call, the customer's information will appear on the screen, making it easy for the agent to access and limit the time they spend changing tabs or windows.


Call Logging

During a call, customized templates make it easy to log relevant information without having to type repetitive information.


Screen Transfer

When an agent transfers a call, all of their call notes, related objects and currently open records are transferred to the next agent, allowing them to start engaging with the caller immediately.


Watch the lastest version of our video on Salesforce Lightning with InGenius telephony support for a demo of how all these features work together with your Cisco phone system:


InGenius is a computer telephony integration innovator that connects your existing Cisco phone system to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We recently released the latest version of our flagship product, InGenius Connector Enterprise 5.0. The upgraded solution is focused on innovations for Salesforce customers, including support for Salesforce Lightning, the integration of Salesforce Omni-Channel work items directly within the InGenius interface and updated Salesforce report packages.


Support for Salesforce takes a leap forward with Lightning support for Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Omni-Channel work items integrated directly within the InGenius console in Salesforce Service Cloud. InGenius is committed to innovating in lockstep with Salesforce, and today’s software release ensures customers can take advantage of the platform’s latest features. With the combined technology of InGenius and Salesforce, handling inbound and outbound calls on your Cisco phone system is easier than ever.


With the ready-made reports in InGenius Connector Enterprise 5.0, organizations can easily get insight into phone agent productivity. According to Dimension Data’s recent Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, “Analytics will be key in the next 5 years, but 40% have no capability.” InGenius addresses this by delivering critical telephony data to Salesforce reports, which enables agile decisions and improved performance results for contact centers.


“InGenius is in tune with the needs of sales and service organizations, and their phone agents, as we’re 100% focused on computer telephony integration,” said Dale Gantous, CEO of InGenius. “InGenius was first to market with an Open CTI solution in 2012, and we’re making sure we continue that success with InGenius Connector Enterprise 5.0 by delivering practical metrics and by enabling full use of Salesforce solutions with CTI. Our customers are looking for maximum return on the investment they’ve made into their CRM and their phone system, and we’ve released a product that can help them fulfill that goal.”


With continuous improvements to the intuitive InGenius user interface, the new 5.0 release brings benefits to both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM users.


Existing InGenius customers are entitled to an upgrade to InGenius Connecter Enterprise 5.0 as part of their subscription.  Simply contact customer care at For new users that want to see how InGenius can work with their phone system, request a demo at