Over the holidays I decided to spend a little time playing with the Spark APIs and integrations out there as an exercise to demonstrate the real power of Collaboration, APIs, and microservices through some useful integrations.  So far I have built the following and have some more ideas for what I want to build in January:


1) Using a Spark room as a News Hub for relevant Account information, news and events - using IFTTT and no real programming, I am able to share the following info, in real time, to my extended team:

    • Post account specific news events
    • Mine social media and provide aggregated customer posts into the Spark room
    • When I park my car at the customer site (via Automatic) - let the team know in case they need me to drop by anyone's office in particular
    • Post new TAC case notifications with a link


2) Competitive Rooms

    • Aggregate news, social media, and other content on a specific competitor


3) Python Library - brbester/pyCiscoSpark · GitHub

    • Simple to use Python library to streamline new app development


4) Google Bot in a Spark Room (uses brbester/pyCiscoSpark · GitHub )

    • prefix your question or query with "Google" and get the top 2 answers and links
    • prefix your query with "GPIC" and get a photo posted (safe search enabled)



5) Migrate my driveway sensor and IP camera to log new vehicles approaching my house into a Spark room

    • Simple IOT example



Future projects:

  • (special credit to Sean McKeown for the idea) - Bot to check status of a given piece of equipment and then post the status in response to a keyword in a Spark room - great for IT operation teams


  • Physical robot room - post a location to send it to grab a picture (or other data) and then it can post that picture/data into the room once task is completed


  • TAC Case Incident response room.  Integrate Tropo so that a text, email, phone call or other trigger can be used to create a Spark room and include all relevant team members.  Grab the TAC SR info and post latest status.  Post relevant info as gathered and bundle to forward automatically to TAC for SR attachment.  Ultimately, post root cause analysis and other relevant documentation.


I am going to try and find right the right tool and method to document each of these so keep a lookout for future posts with links.


Happy new year!