Before I get too involved in this post, I should give a little background.  I am new to Unity Connection, very green when it comes to anything voice-related.  I have been doing VoIP for about two years now, and not as my primary job function, although, that is starting to change as my role is evolving.  I am sure everyone is familiar with how that goes. 


This year I have been working on turning up an HA Cluster of Unity Connection.  I have had a great experience diving in and after building all the respective profiles and mail stores I got into the meat and potatoes of it.  I am really enjoying learning the product and how it works.  Most of all, it is exciting to enable the integrations and features to give our workers a wider array of options for their productivity.


Recently, I took about half a day or so to research and enable the Directory Call Handler feature in #cuc  Unity Connection.  After a quick chat with TAC (I made a silly mistake on my config, wrong checkbox) I had a basic voice-enabled Directory Call Handler Built.  Once this was done we had the ability to dial the pilot number and then speak a name to have Unity run a lookup in its DB and then make the call. 


Once I was satisfied with the overall function, I figured I had to simplify the process, after all, why dial the directory extension, if I am trying to avoid having to dial the contact's extension? Even though the lookup process was automated, I knew we could do better.  Using the speed dial button on my phone, I was able to create a 1 button solution to call anyone in my UC Cluster. 


With LDAP integration you can easily add contacts right from AD.  This helps if you are in a migration and have not rolled out your voicemail profile changes yet.  The feature still works, but the user's directory number is still associated with the original voicemail profile.  The only drawback here is that you will need to have the licensing to add the users.


Thanks for reading.


System Administration Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 10.x - Call Management [Cisco Unity Connection] - Cisco