This blogpost will violate one of my rules: a post must contain code!  Instead, I will address a terrible, horrible, no-good practice in our industry.  What is this scourge that we must banish, you ask?  Well, it's the mis-appropriated apostrophe, especially when applied to the word API.  (Of course, I'm setting myself up for a grammar critique of my own posts, but so be it.  We'll all be better for it.)


The bottom line is that if one is talking about more than one API, one should use the plural form: APIs.


Example: "Look how many awesome APIs we have at Cisco!"


If one is talking about an API owning something one should use the possessive form: API's.


Example: "The Spark /messages API's authentication method is to use the access_token in your header"


Rather than this simply being a rant, I must confess, I know that this isn't really your fault.  Our most common word processing tools encourage this behavior.  But, there is a way out!  I found it!  If you use Microsoft Office, you can create exceptions to its desire to guide you down the dark side of grammar.


On Word for Mac 2016, you can add exceptions by doing the following.


Tools > Auto Correct...

Click on Exceptions...

Under "INitial CAps" [That's Microsoft's doing, not mine] add APIs.  (This is to solve the behavior of making APIs into Apis.)

Now move over to "Other Corrections" and add APIs (This is to solve the incorrect behavior of making APIs into API's.)


You can see I've added a few other as well: SEs and BUs.  I tend to type those a lot.






Finally, it seems like once you make the change in Word, that PowerPoint plays along as well.  If not, PowerPoint (on the Mac at least) seems to lack the "Other Corrections" tab under Auto Correct.  Sigh.


Give it a go!  Let's #stopapostropheabuse once and for all!